How You Can Support Pewaukee Students This Holiday Season and Beyond

December is one of the most active times of the year for charitable giving. In addition to taking part in the spirit of giving that comes with the holiday season, donations can also help you reduce your tax burden come April 15.

Were you aware that you can contribute to schools, school districts and educational foundations, just like any other charity or cause? The Pewaukee Scholarship Fund, for example, provides scholarship funds to students and recent graduates, giving them the support they need as they take the next step on their educational journeys.


How else can you benefit students?

Donating money is just one of many ways you can support the students of Pewaukee. We welcome volunteers for a variety of activities and events, and many alumni even serve as positive mentors to our current students. This gives young people the chance to interact with past graduates and learn how they can thrive in a constantly changing world and economy.

In so many ways, the success of the Pewaukee School District and the students we serve rely on the incredible support we receive from our community—including our dedicated alumni. We thank you for helping provide so many great educational opportunities for our young people.

If you have any questions about how you can make a contribution this holiday season, please contact us today.

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