5 Great Benefits of Mentoring for High School Students

Mentoring is a great way for you to pass your knowledge, wisdom and advice to a Pewaukee student as he or she grows and learns. It also allows you to give back to the school that helped you get where you are today and can even help you grow and develop as a leader and professional.

Mentees often go on to do big things, thanks in part to the person who took time to be their mentor. They may even go on to become a mentor themselves—creating a legacy of giving back.

Here are five ways high school students benefit from a mentorship:

  1. Students gain practical, applicable advice that might not be taught in the classroom. They’ll enter college or the job force with an advantage over pure classroom learners.

  2. Mentorships create a bond benefiting everything from professional networking to personal growth at a pivotal time in a high school student’s life. A mentor is a guide for students facing uncertainty in their future.

  3. Mentees get one-on-one attention, helping them to better understand and retain information while also connecting that knowledge to classroom lessons.

  4. Students get a better understanding of real-world expectations and applications, direct from someone who has experience. This necessary dose of reality will shape their understanding of the world outside the classroom.

  5. Mentorship is free! It affords students access to a crucial resource for development that’s not hidden behind a financial barrier. For students unable to afford tutoring or those disadvantaged by a lack of available programs, mentoring is an incredibly valuable experience.

Become a mentor

For mentors, being able to pass along wisdom to a younger generation of Pewaukee students is a truly gratifying experience. We invite you to see for yourself the profound effect mentorships can have on students by visiting our Insight program today.

Updates on our Sports Teams

The Pewaukee Dance team participated in the Freedom Dance Invite this weekend. The Pirate dancers beat 8 other teams to take first place in Division 2 Hip-Hop.

Our girls basketball team lost Friday's away conference game against New Berlin Eisenhower. The Lady Pirates led by a point at the half, but the second half was a different story. There were too many offensive turnovers and rebounds given to Ike that led to the final score of 50-37. Despite the loss this weekend, the team has had a good start to the season, 8-4 overall.

The Pewaukee Pirates boys basketball team had a close game on Friday against New Berlin Eisenhower. Trailing the Lions by 6 points at half, the team stepped up their game and ended the second half 88-88. However, the Pirates lost by two points in overtime, with a final score of 90-88. The boys are also having a good season and are 11-1 overall. 

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